I am a licensed and fully qualified Somatic Experiencing practitioner . 


Somatic Experiencing Can Help With These Problems and More…

  • Depression


    You feel sad or low – your depression may be recent, or a problem   

     you’ve struggled with for much of your life.

  •  Anxiety, compulsive behaviours, fears or phobias:

    You may worry incessantly or engage in certain behaviours                  repeatedly. You might suffer from panic attacks or irrational fears.

  • Symptoms of Trauma / PTSD

   Perhaps you’ve experienced a traumatic event. It could have been an           accident or physical or sexual assault. Perhaps you experienced neglect or     physical, emotional, or sexual abuse in childhood. You may have trouble      have trouble sleeping, experience flashbacks, or have a range of other         symptoms.

  • Stress, body tension or health problems:

   Chronic stress can lead to painful body tension such as neck, shoulder

   and back problems; and health challenges such as digestive issues,             chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.

  • Relationship Problems:

   You may have a pattern of relationships that are difficult or painful. Or,         you might be grieving the ending of a relationship. Perhaps you’ve been       betrayed by your partner.

  • Addictions:

    You may have an addiction to alcohol, street or prescription drugs.              Perhaps you have an eating disorder.

What is Somatic Experiencing?

About me

I started my adult working life in my 20's as a Town Planner. Useful and valuable as this work was, overtime i become more and more drawn to the beauty of eastern spiritual traditions. This brought big changes to my life, and its a path i've continued to follow now for almost 20 years.

What i came to realise several years ago however was that deeper habits and tendencies, particularly those that originate from childhood, seemed hard to shift, with the ancient teachings alone. I saw this in myself and others. I looked more widely, in particular at therapeutic techniques that were emerging - that combined ancient techniques and perspectives with modern scientific understandings and discoveries. In a sense combining the wisdom of the East and the West.

In 2014 I completed a lengthy training in SHEN therapy - which was founded by the American Physicist Richard Pavek. SHEN combines ancients hand on healing methods with modern scientific understanding of the Human Biofield. 

I read Peter Levine's seminal text on trauma Waking the Tiger many years ago and have long admired his work. Ive been fascinated to see how rapidly neuroscience has advanced in recent years,and with this understanding of how the body holds and can release trauma and stress. With Peter Levine's system of Somatic Experiencing at the the cutting edge  of research and understanding  - i felt irresistibly drawn to this way of working.

Im really enjoying sharing the insights and effectiveness of this pioneering method, and being part of this new and expanding wave of trauma treatment.

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